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Municipal Water Systems

OWM designs and constructs mobile potable water systems for emergency use by municipal water systems in the event of a partial or total outage.

Our mobile systems are easily transportible and capable of producing up to 144,000 GPD.

Source water can include lakes, rivers, ponds, wells and others.

Each system is self-contained and includes onboard power generation, input/output pumps and bladder storage and taps.

Each mobile system is configured and constructed specifically for our client’s needs.

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Other Water Reliant Operations

Services for increasing Resilience, Reuse, and Return on Investment from using water Right.

OWM can provide solutions to increase the resilience of your water supply, ensuring continuous operations during municipal water supply disruptions and outages.

OWM can provide solutions for water reuse and onsite water continuous supply to provide water cost savings and meet sustainability objectives.

Some sectors we can help are:

  • Commercial Office Buildings – Onsite water continuous supply for cooling towers and boilers, water cost savings
  • Manufacturers – Continuous and emergency supply, water reuse, water cost savings

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