Mobile Emergency Water Systems

Mobile Water Systems

OWM designs and constructs both fixed sight and mobile industrial and potable water systems for emergency and ongoing water needs for a variety of purposes and industries. Our mobile systems are favoured by those wanting a system that can be easily transported from one site to another and/or those who don’t have sufficient room for a fixed-site system. They are very simple to use and can be configured for a variety of source (input) water types including brackish, turbid and salt water. Mobile water systems can be configured to operate solely on an on-demand Emergency basis or as Continuous Use Systems.

OWM Mobile Water Systems

    • Are easily transportable (7’x16’, 8’x20’ Tandem 3500 lb. axle trailer).
    • Source water from lakes, rivers, ponds, wells etc.
    • Can be configured for all water feed types.
    • Are turnkey operations.
    • Include training, schematics and all relevant safety and operations documentation.
    • Are fully plumbed and wired.
    • Provide potable water at a rate of up to 100 GPM.
    • Include onboard power generation and pumps/connectors etc. to draw from water sources.
    • Include complete UL certification of the entire water treatment trailer.
    • Include a basic water test kit.
    • Include evidence of pre- and post-filtration water testing results from a certified third-party
      facility (e.g., the National Testing Laboratory).