OWM Delivers through its S.D.I.M. Process


OWM will complete a comprehensive Water Resource Needs Assessment.

We study your water needs and potential on-site water sourcees that are available to you. We deliver a report analyzing your water needs and potential sources along with a recommended system specification and estimated cost.

CAD Drawing a


OWM incorporates viable water sources, including well development, with specialized equipment to provide aesthetically pleasing designs to fit your unique facility space.

Working with your engineers, we assist in developing an efficient plan for your emergency water supply system.

Water System Photo


From start to finish, we are committed to remaining engaged in the installation process to insure your system meets your needs.

We work with your selected contractors to ensure an on-time and on-budget process.

VCU Programable Logic Controller-PLC and Electrical Disconnect Unit

Maintain and Monitor

OWM is committed to keep your system running optimally by providing contracted maintenance services.

We will service your system on a periodic basis to insure that all components are operating efficiently. We can include a remote monitoring system that can be accessed to keep track of your systems and alert when unscheduled service is needed.

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